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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  February 13, 2013 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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there? >> i wanted to do it for family or friends. you know? i think i owe it to him to be here. >> jones did not enter a plea to charges that could bring him the death penalty. they include murder with three special circumstances, kidnapping, rape and a lewd act upon a child under the age of 14. jones was arrested near his mother's apartment on taiber avenue on friday. the last-known photo of jannel conway allen taken from a store surveillance camera across the street. jones mother, sister attended the hearing but did not make comments when approached by reporters on the way out of the court house. and jones remains here on no bail and will be back in court next weekíuc?. she told us she has praying for the girl and devastated to learn her son was the suspect.
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tonight at 6:00 we'll hear more from eric may, the man who found jannel's body when had to be in court he told us, today. >> family and friends offered a tearful gi for an officer gunned down by a rampaging excop. former marine and riverside police officer was buried today in a private ceremony after thousands attended a public service. man suspected of killing crane is believed to be dead but the focus today was on the life of officer crane. his wife talked about how much she would miss her husband, and the father of their two small children. >> sunday morning, every sunday morning i made breakfast. and the kids would come dourng i'd have them go wake daddy up, it's time for breakfast that. is what i'm going to miss, things like that. it's just our daily bonding
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time. >> funerals for two more victims being planned and for fourth person a sheriff's deputy who died yesterday in a shootout with dorner. that deputy has been identified today, late today as a 35-year-old detective, just about an hour ago the sheriff says a second officer wounded in the shootout will survive and he's in good spirits. investigators confirm that had dorner is the man believed to have barricaded himself inside of a cabin. they say he never emerged as the cabin went up in flames. the sheriff says the tear gas officers used may have caused the fire. and he also praised his department. >> the rounds kept coming. but the deputies didn't give up. our deputy sheriffs are some true heroes they're highly trained and i will tell you that i'm proud to be a member of the department. >> tests are underway to
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positively identify the body found inside and police say the investigation is ongoing. >> in contra costa county a number of homes in brentwood belonging to police officers have been burglarized. intruders have stolen firearms. vic lee joins us live tonight with that strife. >> there is another burglary here in brentwood. police tell us getting those is a high priority for them. they say they don't have specific evidence police are targeting homes but everyone knows including burglars there is a high likelihood they'll find firearms in those homes. >> there have been 25 burglaries in brentwood. they've stolen jewelry, electronics and disturbing of all, firearms. >> they have been sporadic throughout the city. and the times have been
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sporadic as well. >> sargeant says of the 25 burglaries three have been in the homes of police officers. the intruders hit the jackpot in one home. >> there was a safe taken there were a number of firearms stolen unfortunately. >> police found the safe but waits empty. residents say it's a safe, quiet town but many noticed a spike in home burglaries. peter foster was in the surprised. >> when first moving out of there, high percentage live out here in general. it's been a nice bedroom community to live n officers house was burglarized up the street. >> neighbor charlie jackson says lobbying cops isj+?+ñ not smart. >> they're looking for firearms and pistols and creates a dangerous situation for everybody. and... dangerous situation for burglars themselves. you can get shot.
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>> pleel tell us they're chasing leads. detectives are meeting to review some of that information. information that they hope will lead them to some arrests. vic lee abc 7 news. >> tick, thank you. >> police are warning rez gents a series of home burglaries within days. police say in each case burglars gained entry by kicking in doors mainly the side or back doors four streets have been hit so far. they are northham, eaton and clifton. police say burglaries are occurring during daytime hours. >> barry bonds not in the courtroom today but his legal team argued to have his conviction overturned. panel of three judges. bonldz convicted in 2011 in obstruction of justice on the testimony involving the use of performance-enhacing drugs. >> simple way argument is that he wasn't charged with a crime
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of which he's been convicted and of which he's convicted isn't a crime. he did not evade the question that he was accused of evading. he answered it simply and flatly three times within >> if his conviction stands, the former giants slugger wril have to do 250 hours of community service and a month of house arrest. two cases of weapons on campus+y over past week have police and administrators at palo alto high school on alert. police say a student brought an old style stun gun to school attempting to use it on another student off campus n a separate incident, students report that had a class mate had a homemade gun shooting rubber corks in the back back. both cases resulted in misdemeanor charge autos police department administrators and parents worked and the school will
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take action against both students. >> two students are both juvenile autos right now we're looking at a live picture of the bay bridge home to a big expensive once in a lifetime party being planned as we spoke. now, caltrans is going to shut down the bridge to all traffic the night of august 28th so crews can hook up the new span i want to show you great pictures here. and we'll try that again. it's supposed to be 8:00 on the 28th. they expect to it take about three days or so but going to finish on 31. instead of opening to traffic, ha, they're going to keep it closed for two days of celebrating reopening by 5:30 on thursday september 3. that is too7"vç late for some
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people whud rather work than party. abc 7 news nick smith joins us live with the story. nick?ính÷fg
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>> i don't think bridge close you're is going to be the key to tell someone they're not going receive a package. >> or a paycheck? >> absolutely. >> one of the things mo has to do is deliver payroll to several small businesses. in the east bay.
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so he wants to make sure he gets those payroll checks there on time. now, the plan will be presented to the full board later this month. for more information about the party and celebration, gouk to our web site abc 7 nick smith abc 7 news. >> looking good, thank you so much. we're kounlting down the days until the new eastern span opens. 201 days to go. stay with us for the latest up indicates as construction continues. >> well, a new government investigation reaffirms clims that chevron could have prevented a massive fire in it's refinery. the report says inspectors warned chevron about a corroded pipe in twut. a decade ago. but it was never replaced. chevron faces a foin for the incident causing eye problems for hows of people living nearby in the east bay. and says it disagree was some characterizations in the report but is committed to
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preventing another such incident. >> pope benedict saved standing ovation today he celebrated his last public mass during ash wednesday services. the 85-year-old spoke about his resignation. there is no mention of the pope today during mass. there is a possibility a new pope will be selected easter sunday. >> coming up why an organic baby food sold in california was just recalled. the south bay. new reason neighbors and police are still on edge 24 hours later. >> i'm sandhya patel. i'll have a warm up followed by wet weather. don't turn the chabl channel. details coming up. >> and environmental activists stay on co5uj?jw and their fight to keep
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golfers off sensitive fairways. stay with us. the news continues here in just a momen
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unbelievable. police back in a home in santa clara today, detonating powerful bombs. they were discovered inside of a home yesterday. the chp went interest tl to serve a search warrant and describes the house just a mess. officers today were worried it may have been booby trapped and searched every corner of the property. they arrest aid homeowner a 45-year-old everett bashman. neighbors describe him as a secretive man. it's unclear what the devices were.
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>> in december a judge ruled against six environmental groups trying to protect against frogs and snakes. but... now the groups have lost case filed a request to have san francisco pay more than $1 million in fees. the judge ruled the lawsuit wasm+7ev moot after the u.s. fih and wildlife service determined maintenance would not harm the animals. >> tailor farms recalling it's baby spinach because of fears of e coally contamination sold as full circle organic ask other names in other states. it comes in 16 ounce tray was a best buy date of 2-24-2013. >> a consumer group wants the federal government to control how much sugar is in beverages americans drink saying soda and other sugar drinks have
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unsafe levels of high fructose corn syrup. a typical bottle of soda has about 16 added teaspoons and does not recommend maximum levels but agencies say three teaspoon saz safe limit. the petition has a backing of 10 major cities. including boston and los angeles. >> american airlines and u.s. to become the world's biggest carrier. boards just aproufed the merger late today according to sources. the merged company will operate under the american airlines name but u.s. airways ceo will run it. a formal announcement is expected tomorrow morning. >> thousands of people booking cruises aboard the carnival triumph. >> an engine fire forced massive cancellations. >> this is a nightmare. >> you guys have done a great job. the problems just keep
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dominoing out. this is as the busy spring break is approaching. cruises have all been cancelled, carn value says everyone will get a refund and discounts on future cruises, passengers who paid for nonrefundable costs in terms of airline tickets, shore excursions and government fees they will be reimbursed for that. carnival is now being towed to alabama expected to arrive tomorrow. we have all got to know banana joe over the course of the day from good morning america to our 4:00 p.m. news. winner of the westminister kennel club show now in new york. or it was, yesterday. so if you have a dog what the would it cost you?. >> thousands of dollars. >> everything from blowouts to
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tampering fit of hollywood stars and there is 4,000ses today take out an campaign ad, getting a treadmill costing you $2,000 vitamins to feed the dog cost more than most peoples'. >> have you to budget time and money. where you're going to travel. i still work so i teach school. and i continue to work to pay for all of this. >> they say to think of this as olympic training for aec four-legged set. it's not cheap nor easy wex have world class restaurants here in the bay area, one has been singled out for it's exceptional service. the annual zagat survey is out. it's one of the top 25 in the country>u5:÷.
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it treats everyone like a millionaire without the stuck up feeling. i love that. it's a bargain compared to many similar restaurants. you know that is president clinton's favorite restaurant right? >> wow, good taste. >> is that right? >> yes. >> thank you so much. >> let's talk about the weather service. sparkling outside today. >> it's getting cold out here in upper 40s now but a beautiful view. skies clear and if you look towards northwest we have fog rolling in. it's going to be a big player in the morning commute for valentine's day.
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it's hard to miss it a long the coastline, never left the coast. and from san francisco, we'll be seeing more fog than that. here is the current visibility in half moon bay. it's five miles and foggy. so tomorrow morning you're going need time and temperatures 48 degrees in half moon bay. 48 in pacifica by the way. 65 in antioch. got up to mid-60s in concord and livermore and san jose today. soit was a nice day. sunny, mild thursday through saturday. cooling beginning sunld. showers likely into tuesday and wednesday. looks like you're going to need um brem brelas. high pressure holding and
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going to bring us a dry pattern through monday. changes will be on tuesday and into wednesday, tomorrow morning into some valleys so thursday morning valentine's day morning starting out foggy. give yourself extra time. and it's going to be chilly so if you'rehz$m peting loved ones make sure that you're bundled up. 38 in livermore, low 40s in palo alto. tomorrow afternoon, 68 in san jose. going to warm up to 70 degrees in los gatos. 68 in mountain view. low 60s. downtown san francisco, blue skies 64 degrees up into north bay.
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70s for february. xç rosa. upper 60s in oakland. livermore near 70 degrees. 70s in watsonville. accu-weather forecast warmer for valentine's day. and friday, weekend featuring a slow cooling trend. much cooler by then, and then, looking at tuesday, rain low owe to mid-50s, showers for wednesday. some wet weather early as tuesday and wednesday of next week. but until then, valentine's day forecast is sure to warm your heart. live from the roof of the kbotv broadcast center, dan, cheryl? >> thank you. >> coming up out of the cold now. >> still to come breaking
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barriers with baseball. some students about to become diplomats. >> at 6:00 it's legal now but a california lawmaker wants to ban hands free texting. the personal tragedy that is inspiring this effort. stay with us. that sat 6:00. we'll be rig
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some bay area high school students set off on a trip to baseball and soft ball teams. it's believed they're the first high school teams to go to cuba to play against students there. >> they're going to be exploring havana to see culture and museum autos people don't expect it to be different because it's only 45 miles from florida. we're excited to see the difference. >> this is a goodwill trip. the group picture shows off several bags full of sports
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equipment teams will take donating to cuban young people. >> exciting trip. i love that. 9.t age of digital communications san francisco ferry building is going old school. passengers can get their schedule information from a... look at this... classic sign giants ballpark. officials say the sked mechanical board just adds retro style. >> so much style. >> so?t >> cool decision.
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coming up at 6:00 an exclusive investigation into some of the biggest companies in silicon valley how they're getting away with not paying billions in taxes. and mark zuckerberg's presence for chris christie and the
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story of a woman making big wave was her itsy bitsy bikinies. >> and remember, abc 7 is the only place to watch the oscars february 24th. you can start getting ready for our oscars app. >> yes. details on nominees and it is available for iphone and an droid and kindel fire. >> that is going to do it for us. thanks this is "world news." tonight, fire power. we take you inside the police siege on that renegade cop. how this man escaped the killer. s.o.s. our reporter flies over that stranded cruise ship, as we hear nightmarish new stories of what's happening below. real money. our viewers saved $2.5 million on cell phone bills after our first report. and tonight, we're back with new
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ways to save even more. and finally, the underdogs on top. after that fancy little dog wins the best at westminster, you spur us to give the "world news" awards for what our dogs really do. good evening. it was a day of reckoning. the end of ten days of terror. and police believe a killer once on the loose is now dead. these images tell the story. the charred foundation, all that's left of a cabin in the woods, set ablaze. and police believe that christopher dorner was inside. while in another part of southern california, police gather to lay one of his victims to rest, one of their own. his widow, in a moving embrace by his casket, covered with a flag. we begin tonight's coverage with abc's ceci


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